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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The goal of sexual harassment prevention training is to create a safe and respectful workplace for all employees. It can help to raise awareness about the issue of sexual harassment, provide tools and resources for addressing incidents, and promote a culture of respect and inclusion.

In many jurisdictions, employers are required to provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees on a regular basis.

We have partnered with Zywave to virtually offer state & federally compliant sexual harassment prevention training for both managers and employers.

Beneficial Solutions Group LLC offers a fully administrated training package that includes reporting, email notices, and digital certificates of completion!

The training typically covers topics such as:
1. The definition of sexual harassment: The training will explain what constitutes sexual harassment, including physical, verbal, and non-verbal behaviors, as well as the legal definition.

2. Types of sexual harassment: The training will cover different types of sexual harassment, including quid pro quo harassment, hostile work environment harassment, and retaliation.

3. The impact of sexual harassment: The training will discuss the negative impact that sexual harassment can have on individuals, the workplace, and society as a whole.

4. Reporting and response: The training will provide information on how to report incidents of sexual harassment, including to whom and what to expect in terms of response and investigation.

5. Prevention strategies: The training will provide strategies for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, such as fostering a culture of respect, setting clear expectations, and providing ongoing training and education.

6. Legal and policy considerations: The training will cover the legal and policy requirements related to sexual harassment prevention and response, including relevant laws, regulations, and company policies.



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