Simplify HR Administration

Beneficial Solutions offers an industry-leading benefits and HR platform that makes it easy to manage both the transactional challenges of HR and the strategic challenges of healthcare for small and mid-sized employers. What does this mean? Transactional Challenges are tasks best solved with software - things like applicant tracking or carrier and system integrations. Strategic Challenges are best solved with the help of a trusted advisor—like developing a sustainable, competitive benefits package for your employees.


Our Benefits Portal addresses both by allowing Us to offer your company industry-leading software alongside Beneficial Solution’s deep base of benefits knowledge. We improve efficiencies, and expand the typical value proposition of working with a broker. Our employer clients and their employees, benefit from the convenience of software with smooth open enrollments and year-round access to HR and benefits items.

To demonstrate how effective our Benefits Portal is, we’ll outline the life-cycle of a new hire, Jane, at Acme Company, when an employer client is able to use our systems and services.

1. Applicant Tracking:

Jane finds an open position on Acme Company’s Beneficial Solutions jobs page. This section is fully customizable, providing all details about the open position. She can apply directly through the platform, inputting her information and attaching her resume.

Through the applicant tracking feature, the hiring team can review her resume, message back and forth about whether she is a good fit, set next steps, and track where Jane is in the process.
The tracked steps are fully customizable, and can include “Phone Interview,” “In-Person Interview,” “Background Check,” or any other steps in your hiring process. The hiring manager can use Beneficial Solution's Portal to pull data on applicants, delivering key insights into Acme Company’s recruitment process. When Jane gets her offer, Acme Company moves her on to onboarding step.

2. Onboarding:

​First, Acme Company’s HR department will create a new profile for Jane. The profile will include position details, including Jane’s manager, salary, whether she is salaried or needs to track her hours, and other customized items. Notices like employee agreements, company handbooks and other content can also be attached for Jane's signature.

HR emails Jane with the login information for her Beneficial Solutions Portal access. Jane can sign in, read compliance notices and fill out her personal information. The Benefits Portal houses all key employee information like Social Security numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, and more.
Jane can also provide employee eligibility documents, like the I-9 or other required hiring documents. These can be scanned or photographed with a smartphone and uploaded straight to site—no faxing or photocopying required.

The alternative to an online onboarding experience? Jane spends her first day filling out form after form,  which HR is required to review, correct and store on paper. With the Beneficial Solution's Portal, Jane hits the ground running on Day One, onboarding complete!
If Jane needs to change her address or other personal information, she can do that without involving HR. Jane can also elect her benefits during the onboarding process.

3. Benefits Administration:

​Beneficial Solution's Portal tracks benefits eligibility for new hires. HR managers can send notices or follow up with employees who need to make elections once they are eligible. The Portal’s easy to use shopping cart feature makes electing benefits simple. Jane can easily review her options, as well as how much each plan and ancillary benefit will cost, and how much will be contributed by her employer and deducted from her paycheck.

The Beneficial Solution's Portal has already negotiated with carriers to lower participation rates for ancillary options, meaning Jane can sign up for a competitive benefits package, even at a small company like Acme. Once she saves her elections, Beneficial Solution's client success team handles all
communications with the carriers. In some cases, she can have a temporary ID card that same day.

Our Portal is also industry-leading in its integration capabilities, including several carriers which bill directly in Beneficial Solution's Portal. The Portal can also communicate via API and EDI integrations, depending on carrier availability. For carriers unable to accept electronic elections, Our Portal can map to paper forms or provide change reports to be manually input.

The system integrates with leading payroll providers, including ADP and Paycor, making it simple for the payroll department to set the correct deduction from Jane’s paycheck. Jane can review her elections year-round. If she has a change in benefits needs—adding a spouse, for example, she can do that easily through Beneficial Solution's Portal.

4. Time and Attendance & Paid Time Off:

​When HR created a site profile for Jane, they noted in the system that she
needs to track her hours. This added the portal’s Time & Attendance feature to her profile. With the Beneficial Solutions Portal, Jane can easily clock in and out from her computer or smartphone. She can track her hours through Beneficial Solution's Portal’s interface, and she and her supervisor can review and make any necessary edits.

The Portal also tracks Jane’s accrued Paid Time Off. Her PTO policy is set during the creation of her profile, and it begins tracking her vacation time from her first day. Jane can also request, and her supervisor can approve, PTO directly through your benefits portal.

5. Terminations:

​When the time comes for Jane to leave Acme Company, she can be offboarded with a click of a button. This notifies the Beneficial Solution's client success team, who contacts carriers who don't offer full integration. The portal will automatically send out any COBRA notices, facilitate elections, collect all premiums on the employers behalf and term coverage due to non-payment or the end of the COBRA period.

No more phone calls to your medical carrier asking them how far back you can terminate coverage because no one noticed that a COBRA payment hasn't been collected for the last 6 months.


​Beneficial Solution's comprehensive system allows the Client Success Team, employers, employees and HR personnel to handle benefits and HR administrative tasks easily and online. We cut the paperwork, reduce errors, improve compliance, add efficiencies. This makes it easy for our client employers to offer
robust benefits packages on par with Fortune 500 companies.