Meet Patricia Lang

Director of Client Services

Beneficial Solutions


Patricia is the Director of Client Services for Beneficial Solutions. She has been with Beneficial Solutions since 2001 and has been instrumental in the growth of the company. Her leadership, attention to detail, and industry knowledge make her an indispensable member of the leadership team.

Patricia has a strong love of nature and enjoys tending to her garden at home, spending time with her family, and has been known to attend the occasional classic car show. (She would love it if you let her drive your ’65 Mustang)

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8S721 Yackley Ave..

Naperville, IL 60565

Phone: (630) 717-8282

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Meet Our Leaders


Gregory Eck

Chief Executive Officer


Jon Fretz

Chief Revenue Officer


Matt Berrafato

Director of Coaching & Wellness Services


Patricia Lang

Director of Account Services


Beneficial Solutions was founded in 1991 by our president, Greg Eck. Greg saw a need for compassion and connection in an industry that is, all too often, cold and callous.

 With a “People First” mindset, Greg set out to build a business that has since thrived. Implementing a high touch and customer centric approach, 

Beneficial Solutions has been serving the needs of our clients for over 30 years. 


Just like the world around us, Beneficial Solutions is constantly adapting! We have adopted a fully remote work environment with the technological resources necessary to keep us ahead. 

We are constantly seeking improvement and new ways to better serve our clients. Utilizing our high touch approach to customer service, our technological savvy, and our hunger for learning we continue to grow and expand.